ET SYSTEM LAB/SMP 750 – 2.400 W


Teknik Doküman

Product Description:

  • Max. Voltage 1200 VDC and max. current 160 A
  • Compact design 2,4kW in 1 U
  • Active parallel mode Master – Slave
  • User comfort via front panel operation
  • CC ,CV, CR and CP mode standard
  • Storable space for freely programmable U/I Curves, playable over an external SD card
  • Storable U/I curves (e.g. for PV-Simulation and sequential control)
  • UI, UIP, UIR mode, simulation of PV graphs
  • Script control: graph and process programming, booting from memory card
  • Creation of user-defined output graphs via memory card or digital interface
  • Data log function: current operating values are saved to the memory card within an adjustable interval
  • Graphic Display
  • Analogue Interface 5/10 VDC to set and read out, (option)
  • Digital interfaces IEEE 488, RS232/485, USB and LAN (option)
  • Galvanic isolated analog interface: 0..5 V or 0..10 V (user selectable, option)
  • Line i/p available for worldwide using
  • Script control combined with the data log function enables the build-up of an independent „stand alone“ testing position
  • User adjustable values for Umax and Imax enables limitation of output voltage/output current
  • Special versions on request