Product Description

Second only to the Water Triple Point and in many ways, because of its ease of use and purity, superior to it, is the Gallium Melt Point. At 29.7646°C this is a very convenient temperature.

Total Confidence

Confidence is a major requirement in a standard. The Isotech Gallium Cell and Apparatus have a long history and have been successfully used in most National and Primary Laboratories world-wide.

International comparisons prove the quality of the Isotech Cells and are unique in the number, and history of comprehensive evaluations.

Calibration of Isotech’s Reference Cell with the Standard at NIST showed an agreement of 4μK, 0.000004°C. The Isotech Gallium Cells contain the highest purity metal, >99.99999% pure (7N) and giving a flat plateau. The cell has a day to day reproducibility of just +/-0.000025°C.

Tech Spec

Sealed Gallium Open Gallium
* We have a choice of UKAS Calibration Services, the stated uncertainty figure is for our Premium UKAS Calibration Service.
Model ITL-M-17401 ITL-M-17401(O)
Temperature 29.7646°C 29.7646°C
Metal Purity > 99.99999 7N > 99.99999 7N
Outside Diameter 38mm 35mm
Inside Diameter 12mm 12mm
Total Height 420mm 425mm
Metal Depth 230mm 230mm
Uncertainty* 0.25mK 0.07mK
How to order ITL-M-17401 Gallium Cell – (specify sealed or open). The Cell is supplied with a Certificate of Metal Purity.