Product Description

Are you fed up with cold wet hands, and hours of frustration when you produce an ice mantle in your Triple Point Cell?

Change your life and try the Isotech Ice Mantle Maker.

It works by using a specially designed anti-gravity heat pipe. The heat pipe exits the cell and exchanges the heat/cool in a small container filled with solid carbon dioxide or preferably liquid nitrogen.

Because of the low temperature gradient along the heat pipe the ice mantle is formed close to 0°C, and so beautiful strain free mantles are formed.

The Mantle Maker works equally well when you wish to increase the thickness of ice at the bottom of the cell. By keeping only a cc of alcohol in the cell the heat transfer is focused around the bottom of the cell.

Tech Spec

Technical Feature Value
Weight 250g
Typical time to create a mantle 20-30 minutes using a Jarrett-Isotech A11 Water Triple Point Cell (longer or shorter times for larger or smaller cells)
Options Additional Ice Bridge Prevention Collar
How to order 452 Ice Mantle Maker and one ice bridge prevention collar
Please specify A) Cell type or B) Outside diameter of water triple point cell (mm) C) Depth from shoulder of cell to water level (mm)