Product Description

The microsKanner can be used with any member of the microK family to add further channels, up to a maximum of 90 expansion channels.

Easy to Use:

The use of plug-and-play technology means that the extra channels appear automatically on your microK bridge when connected to a microsKanner. You can configure the new input channels in exactly same way as any of the microK’s existing inputs (through the microK’s touch screen or a PC, via an RS232 connection). You just plug in a microsKanner and immediately gain the benefit of the additional channels, making this the easiest channel expansion system of its type.


The microsKanner replicates the input system of the microK bridge for all 10 of its input channels Measurements made with a microsKanner are therefore to the same accuracy as the microK bridge it is connected to. By adding further scanners the microK system can be expanded to 92 channels without losing measurement performance.

Tech Spec

Technical Feature Value
Model microsKanner
Channels 10
Keep-warm-currents 0-10mA ±0.4% of value, ±7μA, resolution 2.5μA
Input Connectors Cable Pod connector accepting: 4mm plugs, spades or bare wires.
Contact Material Gold-plated tellurium copper
Interface RS232 (9600 baud)
Operating Conditions 15-30°C / 50-85°F, 10/90% RH (for full application) 0-50°C/ 32-120°F, 0-99% RH (operational)
Power 88-264V (RMS) 47-53Hz (universal) 10 Watts maximum, 1.2A (RMS) Maximum.
Size 520mm x 166mm x 300mm / 20.5
Weight 12.6kg / 28lb