Product Description

microK GOLD – a unique package
Best performance, documented, guaranteed with an unmatched satisfaction promise.

Confidence in Thermometry Bridges
The microK range of thermometry bridges have rapidly established themselves as the number one choice for temperature metrologists. Many NMIs are now using the new drift free microK technology and sales have exceeded our initial expectations.
Of course the microK is not the only thermometry bridge available, there are both older and newer designs of bridge and all claim advantages with performance or measuring method.

AC or DC Measurement
In the past it was the case that AC Bridges operated with lower noise than DC bridges but the microK uses a new parallel processing technique to match or exceed that which previously needed impedance matching and the use of transformers.

Different manufactures claim performance in different ways and it can be confusing to compare specifications. With the availability of the automatic resistance bridge calibrator more and more bridges are being calibrated with reports published, the microK is consistently shown to exceed its specification, which is not the case for all! Ask us for the latest reports.

With claim and counter claim we want to give you confidence and have introduced the microK GOLD package. With microK GOLD you get

  • Best Performance – less than 30ppb ratio accuracy – drift free
  • Evidence – shipped with a report documenting the performance Recalibration in years two and three included – return for further evidence
  • Three Year Warranty

Now with the RBC Bridge performance can be measured – with microK GOLD you get evidence at the time of delivery and you can return it for recalibration in year two and three. Guaranteed and documented performance with a unique satisfaction promise.

We challenge you to find any other company to report ratio accuracy, measured with the RBC and who guarantee that for three years.

Tech Spec

Paramater microK GOLD
Accuracy Whole Range (SPRT Ro ≥ 2.5Ω) [1] <0.03ppm
Resolution 0.001mK
Resolution Voltage 10nV
Stability 0ppm/yr
TC (resistance ratio) [4] 0ppm/ ° C
Resistance Range 0-100 kΩ
Voltage Range (Thermocouple) ±125mV
Internal Resistance Standards 25, 100, 400Ω
Internal Standard TCR <0.5ppm/°C
Resistor Stability Annual Stability <2ppm/year
Interfaces RS232, GPIB & USB & Ethernet
Power 25W maximum, 1.5A (RMS) maximum
Weight 13.3kg