Product Description

The millisKanner channel expander has eight input channels, and each can be configured individually for SPRT, PRT, Thermistor or Thermocouple input. This gives ultimate flexibility with no need for separate devices for resistance or thermocouple inputs. A maximum of four devices can be added to the milliK providing 33 sensor inputs as well as the 4 – 20mA Process Input.

With no loss of accuracy and total flexibility a milliK system can be configured to suit a wide range of reference thermometers and units under test.

This adaptable system saves on cost with no need for separate dedicated expansion modules and the flexibility maximises the usefulness of each channel. A solid state design avoids mechanical relays and provides high reliability. The inputs are isolated with galvanic isolation between the contacts and the PSU and also from the control circuitry which allows for better measurements and lower noise.

The millisKanner is controlled from the milliK with plug and play operation. For use as a standalone switch for PRTs, the device has UP / DOWN touch buttons or can be operated via RS232.The temperature of the input thermocouple connectors can be read directly over RS232 to facilitate reference junction compensation.

Tech Spec

Technical Feature Value
Model millisKanner
Channels 8
Channel Indication LED
Input Connectors Terminal Post, accepts 4mm plugs, spades and bare wires. Miniature Thermocouple Sockets
Control Automatic: Plug and Play from the milliK. Manual: UP / DOWN buttons or RS232.
Max devices per milliK 4
Power 5V DC at 100mA (mains power supply provided)
CJC Sensor Digital
Size 255 x 255 x 80mm
Weight 2.3kg