Product Description

Isotech produces a miniature resistor with ultra-low temperature coefficient and ultra-high stability. This is achieved because the resistors are oil filled and hermetically sealed.

The function of hermetic sealing is to eliminate the ingress of moisture and oxygen both of which play a role in both short and long term degradation of unsealed resistors. A further enhancement in both short and long term stability is achieved by oil filling. The oil also acts as a thermal conductor allowing the device to accept short periods of overload without degradation.

With accuracies of ±0.005% and long term drift of less than 5ppm, these devices are virtually secondary standards that can be carried in sets for daily or periodic calibration of factory systems.

Resistance Values

We keep in stock the following standard values: 10Ω, 25Ω, 100Ω, 1000Ω, 10,000Ω

Tech Spec

Technical Feature Value
Model 836 Miniature Fixed Resistor
Power Rating 0.5 Watt
Nominal Temperature Coefficient of Resistance +0.6ppm/°C (0°C to +25°C) -0.6ppm/°C (+25°C to +60°C)
Resistance Tolerance (Initial Resistance Accuracy) ±0.005%
Resistance Range 5 ohms to 3.3 megaohms
Current Noise <0.010μV (RMS) / Volt of applied voltage
Thermal EMF 0.1μV/°C maximum 0.05μV/°C typical
Connections Screw Terminal Posts
Stability Typically 1ppm per year at 1mA
Dimensions Height 30mm Width 89mm Depth 58mm (including terminals)
Weight 90g
How to order 836 Miniature Fixed Resistor: Please state Ohms value required. Please state if UKAS Calibration is required.