Product Description

The Oberon R uses a Sodium heat Pipe to ensure an exceptionally low temperature gradient along the furnace core. It is ideal for the realization of Aluminium, Silver or Copper ITS-90 Fixed Points.

It may be used as a blackbody source over the range 450°C to 1090°C.

The furnace heater is of the non-inductive bird-cage design insulated by twin bore alumina tubes. The heat pipe is designed so that the inner wall is not subject to thermal expansion stresses from the outer wall before the heat pipe reaches conduction temperature. The working fluid is permanently and safely sealed within the plasma-arc welded enclosure.

Tech Spec

Model 426
Temperature Range 450°C to 1100°C
Emissivty greater than 0.995
Stability ±0.05°C
Display Resolution 0.1°C to 999.9; 1°C from 1000 to 1090
Cavity Size 50mm diameter 300mm deep
Time to temperature 4 hours
PC Interface Included
Supply 110Vac, 3kW, 50/60Hz CTE (230Vac and 110Vac to 110Vac Isolating Transformers available.)
Dimensions Height 410mm Width 415mm Depth 280mm
Weight 30.5kgs
Options Aluminium Primary BlackBody Fixed Point Cell 998-06-00D Silver Primary BlackBody Fixed Point Cell 998-06-00E Copper Primary BlackBody Fixed Point Cell 998-06-00G Gas Flow System-984-00-00. 230v/110v Transformer-935-19-43. 110v/110v Transformer -935-19-48
How to order Model 426 Oberon R – Please state voltage required. Please state any special calibration requirement.