Product Description

As industry increasingly moves to high precision instrumentation there is an increasing need to utilise very high performance test and service equipment. Model 006-A is a laboratory accuracy six decade resistance box with a total resistance of 1,112.11Ω.

The performance is made possible using the Waidner-Wollf decade which avoids problems when switching low values by employing series and shunt coils. Simple to operate with a resolution of just 0.001Ω (a nominal 0.0025°C). To use just dial in the required resistance value.

The resistor windings use an exclusive ‘air cushion’ technique providing virtually stress free elements. For improved performance the elements are non-inductively wound and the direction of each winding is reversed at the half turn points. Accuracy is +/-0.01% with exceptional stability and temperature coefficients of just ±35 ppm/ 10,000 hours. Noise is essentially nonmeasurable.

The unit ships with a certificate of conformity or optionally UKAS Calibration from Isotech’s leading temperature laboratory.

This product is made for Isotech by Cropico who for more than 50 years have gained a reputation of being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical instruments and resistance sources.